Guemes Ferry Information

Travel & Safety Information

Welcome aboard Guemes Island Ferry!
We hope you enjoy your trip on the Guemes Island Ferry.
We ask that you review this important travel & safety information:

Ticket Sales

Tickets are sold in Anacortes for round-trip passage. Tickets for vehicles are sold in the ferry line. Tickets for walk-ons will be sold in the passenger waiting areas. Ticket sales cease one minute prior to the scheduled sailing time.

Anacortes Terminal Office

Anacortes Terminal Office



Accepted forms of payment are credit/debit card and cash. The Guemes Island Ferry no longer accepts checks as of September 30, 2018.

Multi-Ride Punch Cards

Multi-ride punch cards are available in the terminal ticket office & cannot be purchased in the ferry line. 20-trip punch cards are valid for 120 days from purchase date. 25-trip punch cards are valid for one year from purchase date. 10-trip convenience cards do not carry an expiration date; however, nonpeak season convenience cards cannot be used during the peak season due to price differences. Punch cards can also be purchased by mail with a form available at

Boarding & Loading

All passengers are required to remain in designated passenger waiting areas while the vessel is loading or unloading. It is illegal to drive on to the ferry while talking on a cell phone. Do not drive aboard the ferry with children on the driver’s lap. Even a slight misjudgment could result in damage or injury. When driving on the ferry, please shut off all vehicle lights. Vehicle lights make the loading process difficult for the crew. Please shut off your engine and set your emergency brake. At no time shall engines be allowed to left running during the crossing. Keep car doors closed until the vessel is loaded. Opening doors in a lane being loaded can result in delays, damage or injury. Minimize walking between cars, especially during loading, unloading, and landings. A hard landing could result in the movement of cars, thus threatening possible injury for people who may be in between vehicles. Keep animals on leashes at all times.


For your convenience, a 72-hour parking lot is available in Anacortes, at 6th Street and K Avenue, for Guemes Island Ferry passengers. Parking is also available on Guemes Island near the ferry terminal.

Anacortes Terminal Guemes Ferry Parking

Guemes Island Ferry Parking Lot


Your safety is our concern!

Walk-on passengers should remain in the designated passenger waiting areas until directed by the crew. Walk-on passengers should not be on the bridge structure while the ferry is landing or when the bridge is being raised or lowered. Please park bicycles and motorcycles where directed by the crew. Motorcyclists must remain with their bike at all times. Please be prepared to keep your bike stable during the crossing and in changing conditions. Please respect the clear zone marked in yellow at the ends of the ferry. The crew needs room to open the gates, secure the vessel and operate the ramps. Extra persons in this area during landing can result in undue hazards.

Open containers of alcohol are prohibited per WA state law. Skagit County reserves the right to refuse passage to anyone who is obviously intoxicated or impaired

Guemes Ferry Safety

Guemes Ferry Bus Route 

Guemes Terminal Holding Lane 6th St

Guemes Ferry Holding Lane 6th Street

Source: Guemes Ferry Information Brochure_NONPeakFares.pdf  Sept 30, 2018